Starting the Company on the AUM Expert

Step 1. Registration in AUM Expert

First, you will need to create an account. Visit this link:

Now, enter your contact details (name, email, password) and click "CREATE ACCOUNT":

Then, you will see a window for email confirmation.

You need to go to your mailbox, find the email from AUM Expert, and click the "Verify E-Mail" button:

Step 2. Starting of the Enterprise

To create your own Company, click on the "CREATE NEW" button in the “Dashboard” section:

The first form that appears will be the “Profile” of your Company. Fill it out and then click "CONTINUE":

At the “Design” stage, you can fully adapt your Company to your brand by uploading a logo and choosing a color scheme. When everything is ready, click "CONTINUE":

At the payment settings stage, you can activate a subscription for clients by moving the slider to the right.

Upon activation of the subscription, additional fields will open for setting up payment for your Company. As soon as everything is ready, click "CONTINUE":

In the “Marketing” form, choose which of the suggested promotion and data collection options suits you, then click “CONTINUE”:

Now you are offered to fill out the “Support” form, in which you can specify your preferred communication channels with customers, as well as provide access to your legal documents (user agreement, privacy policy).

You can use the customer support service To do this, you need to visit their website, register, and leave your Tidio ID in the form.

After successfully filling in the necessary fields, click “SAVE”:

Also, select one or several payment methods for your customers. Then click “CONTINUE”:

And the last stage - choosing a trading module that your customers will use. After selecting a suitable option, click “CONTINUE”:

Done, your Company is successfully created and will always be available in the “My Companies” section, in the menu on the left. You can always change its settings by clicking "EDIT":

How can your clients connect to the copy trading system?

In the Company settings, you specified the name of your subdomain, this link will be the access to the personal account for your clients.

They all need to register on the AUM Expert platform using this link, and then connect to your strategy through API keys in their personal account.