How to Create API key on the Binance without adding IP

In January 2023, Binance introduced a new process for creating API keys. The default option offered to the user is the "Default Security Controls" setting, which is not suitable for copy trading as it requires the API key to be tied to a specific IP address. However, the copy trading system utilizes dynamic IP addresses that can change over time. To use API keys without binding to an IP address, it is necessary to deselect the "Default Security Controls" setting. This can be done through the API Management page. Please, click on the link below

Uncheck the box next to the statement "By checking this box, all existing API Key(s) on your master account and sub-accounts will be subject to Default Security Controls." as shown above.

The system will ask you to read the statement about regarding the risks

Scroll all the way down the text. In the very end system will allow you to check the box next to "I hereby instruct Binance to DEACTIVATE the Default Security". After checking the box, please, click the Confirm button. Please, see the image above. The system will ask you to enter a verification code. After you enter verification code the system will complete the process.

Attention! Do not check the unchecked box again, as to uncheck it you will have to repeat the entire process again.

If you are using a sub account, then you will not see "Default Security Controls" in the API management, as this setting is only available in the master account.

Please Note! Settings of  "Default Security Controls" will be same for all sub-accounts associated with your master account.

After the checkbox is unchecked, you will be able to create API Keys without adding an IP address and use them permanently.